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Discover top-level scalability and adaptability with the RESTful API. Our solution is tailored for the most demanding environments, effortlessly handling high-volume requests. Harnessing a stateless architecture, each request is self-contained, ensuring smooth and efficient processing without the need for a continuous connection. Plus, with standard HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, interaction with resources becomes intuitive and straightforward to implement.

Easy to integrate. With developers in mind. Effortless to implement.

Built with Developers in Mind.

Understanding the unique needs of developers, the RESTful API furnishes a standardized toolkit, eliminating the need for custom code. Dive into our well-documented guide, designed for clarity, and accelerate your integration process without a hitch.

Swift and Smooth Implementation.

Prioritizing ease of use, the RESTful API is lightweight, ensuring rapid incorporation across various applications and services. Experience a truly frictionless integration journey from start to finish.

Universal Compatibility. offers a state-of-the-art RESTful API tailored for effortless integration into any system. Whether it’s the latest technology or a legacy platform, our API is your ticket to an enhanced, fully automated checking process. Unleash your business’s potential with a tool built for adaptability.

Seamless Integration Awaits.

The API offers universal integration, able to adapt to any and every system. Its flexibility is displayed as it’s already smoothly integrated within a growing number of software platforms including Leon Software, Skylegs and FL3XX.


“We at Skylegs care deeply about our clients, about security and about complying with regulations. Therefore, it is great having’ expertise in our clients’ daily operations, providing real-time sanction screenings, along with PNR and APIS management.”

Luiz Fernando, Accounts and Marketing Manager


Working on this integration with has been a pleasure. By enhancing FL3XX with key capabilities for real-time sanctions screening, and PNR and APIS management, we’re delivering a new level of operational confidence to our customers, effortlessly combining real-time compliance with user-friendly efficiency.”

Paolo Sommariva, Co-Founder & CEO

Integrator. Developer. Partner.

Integrator. Developer. Partner.

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