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As the list of applicable countries keeps growing, the fines for not or for incorrectly filing documents are becoming more substantial. is your trusted ally, keeping you abreast of all changes to the EES (Entry-Exit System) and ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System). We’re committed to ensuring you meet every criterion of the APIS-PNR data regulation.

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API and PNR: Navigating Travel Data for Seamless Journeys.

What is the difference between PNR and API?

Airlines gather two primary categories of passenger information: Passenger Name Record (PNR) and Advance Passenger Information (API). This data, along with certain flight details, is shared with national authorities.


PNR – Passenger Name Record.

A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a comprehensive record of information about a passenger’s journey and reservation. It typically includes details such as the passenger’s name, contact information, itinerary, seat assignment, payment information, and any special requests.


API – Advance Passenger Information.

Advance Passenger Information (API), on the other hand, is specific information collected from passengers and transmitted to authorities before a flight’s departure. This typically includes essential details like the passenger’s passport information, visa details (if applicable), and other required identification information. API is used for security and border control purposes, allowing authorities to screen passengers before they arrive at their destination.


Your Challenges in Compliance.

Global travel data regulations can be complex. Different countries require PNR, API, or both, depending on flight types. In the EU, PNR is managed by local units, while API can go through various agencies. Rules and submission requirements vary, making manual submissions time-consuming.


Navigating Legal Pitfalls: API and PNR Compliance.

Non-compliance with API and PNR regulations can pose significant legal risks for your business. These risks may include fines, flight bans, and carrier suspensions, which can vary in severity depending on local regulations and the nature of the violation

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